Physician's Office Tests

Physician's Office / Point-Of-Care Tests:

Get the answer when and where you need it – at the Point-of-Care:

  • Simple to use
  • Fast results in only a few minutes
  • Cost-effective
  • Laboratory accuracy at the Point-of-Care
  • Instrument free

Infectious Disease Tests

Infectious diseases, also known as transmissible or communicable diseases, result from the infection, presence, and growth of biological agents in an individual host organism. Getting fast results is extremely important when it’s suspected that a person has an illness. Our selection of infectious disease testing kits provides rapid results in five minutes or less. These tests are less intrusive and provide results much faster than laboratory tests, which can take over 24 hours to produce results.

Additional benefits of our on-site infectious disease tests include: 

  • Immediate Results: Infectious disease test results are available in minutes.
  • Easy to use: No training or special skills are required for infectious disease testing kits to be administered. No help from a third party is needed to conduct the test.
  • No clinic fees: Our infectious disease tests eliminate the need to approach a clinic for laboratory tests, so no additional clinic fees have to be paid.
  • No waiting for appointments and reports: Waiting for reports from a laboratory service can take up to one full day. With the help of on-site infectious disease testing, reports are available in minutes.
  • Accuracy: On-site infectious disease tests give results with an accuracy of up to 99%.

Our Rapid Tests

Some of the rapid tests we provide include Influenza (flu), RSV, Colon Cancer Screening H. PyloriMono and Strep A. Give these rapid tests a try today and get the results you have been waiting for!