COVID-19 Tests

Covid-19 Antigen / Antibody Tests 

What does antigen and antibody mean? Many people confuse these two terms. Although they are very different tests and have a different purpose, many people think that the antigen test is the test that detects antibodies, and this is a terrible mistake.

The main difference between antigen and antibody is that one detects the virus in the body at its most contagious stage, while the antibody test detects whether the body has developed a defence against the virus.

The procedure for the two tests is completely different. While the antigen test takes the sample through a swab, the antibody test requires a blood sample.

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Antigen: Carestart, Joysbio, BinaxNow, Celltrion DiaTrust / OTC: iHealth, Flex Flow 
Antigen Test

Antibody: Fastep, Biotest, Healgen

Antibody Test

CLIA-Waived Covid tests are to be used in a high or moderate complex lab. 

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