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Credit card security
We  take your privacy seriously when it comes to your credit card number, name, address and order information. We do not share this with anyone else.

Always use manufacturers product literature as the final source of information.
We ask that you always read all instructions and information that ships with any product you buy from us. In an event that a discrepancy exists between our website information and the actual manufacturer's product literature, please use the manufacturer's product literature as the final and ultimate source of information.

Testing positive for a medical condition, health problem, etc.
Although our health tests are very accurate, they are not 100% and are usually just a screen for a certain medical condition or symptom. If you do test positive for a medical condition, drug test, disease, etc, then always contact your physician immediately for further testing.

Manufacture product liability
All product warranties and product liability are the sole responsibility of the product manufacturer. If you choose to purchase a product from us, then you must agree to hold our company totally harmless if, in the unlikely event, a product we sell causes you any physical, emotional, or psychological harm.

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Back orders and processing times
To ensure fast shipment, we try to keep our inventory in stock. However, there are occasions where the inventory is out of stock. In these cases, we will not charge your card and will contact you regarding the backorder date. If you wish to cancel your order  you may do so or we can keep it on order for you until it comes into stock again.

We try to ship all products as fast as possible. We have the right to ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other shipping company. Shipping rates are calculated based on actual and dimensional weights. To find your rate, add the item to your cart and then enter your zipcode in the checkout process. Our sales office is open Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM EST. Please note shipping and handling charges are non refundable, and will not be refunded for any reason. If the address information is entered incorrectly at the time of placing an order and is corrected by UPS or USPS, there will be an additional charge made to the card holders account for this correction. This charge will only occur if this was an error on the person placing the order online and not in our error. This charge will be credited after the order has left our premises and we have been billed by UPS or USPS. Please be sure that all address information is entered correctly, to insure the correct delivery of your order and no additional fees. 

Expedited Shipping
If you are needing expedited shipping, please email or call us to place the order so we can expedite the shipping. Our cut off time for expedited services is 2pm EST Monday - Friday.

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