Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Tests
Breath alcohol tests offer a simple way to instantly determine the amount of alcohol currently present in an individual's bloodstream. Breathalyzers can accurately analyze the presence of alcohol in someone's system, and provide reliable results, instantaneously. Whether you need to evaluate an individual after an accident, or simply wish to carry out routine random alcohol testing, you can rely on us for superior services designed with your specific needs in mind. 

How Does A Breathalyzer Work?
When alcohol is consumed, the body begins the metabolic process to break down the alcohol entering the body. As alcohol is metabolized, it passes through various organs and enters the bloodstream. While most of the alcohol is eliminated via the kidneys and urine, a small percentage leaves the body through the lungs or breath. This small percentage directly correlates with the individual's blood alcohol content, or BAC. A breathalyzer is able to measure the drinker’s BAC level and report it instantly.

While blood alcohol tests are not entirely failsafe, they do have many advantages, including:

  • Speed – Breathalyzers are able to measure BAC in a matter of seconds.

  • Ease – The process is simple, straightforward, and non-invasive.

  • Accuracy – A breathalyzer can provide a reliable overview of someone’s BAC.

  • Instant feedback – Breathalyzers measure very recent alcohol consumption, making them an ideal choice for post-accident and reasonable suspicion, alcohol testing.

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