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Genabio COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test Kit 2 Tests

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Genabio COVID-19 Rapid At Home Kit - 2 Tests

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Genabio COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test is easy to use and give you accurate rapid results in as few as 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home. This test is for over-the-counter (OTC) at home and other non-laboratory sites for patients 2 years or older who are suspected of COVID-19 by a healthcare provider within the first 7 days of symptom onset. This test is also for nonprescription or over-the-counter (OTC) at home and other non-laboratory sites for screening of individuals 2 years or older without symptoms or other reasons to suspect COVID-19 infection when tested twice over three days with at least 24 hours and no more than 48 hours between tests.

Intended use: 
Genabio® COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test Kit is a lateral flow immunoassay intended for the qualitative detection of the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2. 


  • ACCURATE: Clinical data from USA and China have shown Genabio COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test Kit has 90.91% sensitivity and 100% specificity. 
  • DEPENDABLE: Genabio COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test are manufactured in ISO13485 accredited facilities with daily capacity of 2 million pieces. 
  • CONVENIENT: Everything is included in Genabio test kits for you to get trustable COVID-19 results within 15 minutes.
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