Weight Management

Weight Management Profile

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Weight Management Profile (Saliva/Blood Spot)

The Weight Management Profile can detect key hormone imbalances that undermine patients' best efforts to control their weight.

Do you regularly see patients with:

  • Weight gain with belly fat
  • Weight gain in the hips + thighs
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • High BMI
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Increased appetite / cravings

These are hallmark symptoms of hidden hormone imbalances that may silently sabotage weight loss efforts.

The Hormone/Weight Gain Connection

Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin, and when and where the body stores fat. 

The following hormone imbalances are key contributors to weight gain:

Estrogen Dominance

Androgen Deficiency

Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Thyroid Deficiency

Insulin Resistance

A Powerful Screening Tool to Help Providers Prevent Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Used as a screening tool, the Weight Management Profile allows for early detection of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

What Do the Tests Results Reveal?  

  • Identify existing hormone imbalances
  • Links imbalances to weight related symptoms
  • Identify and address vitamin D and thyroid deficiencies
  • Potentially prevent type2 diabetes onset
  • Facilitate hormone rebalancing for effective weight loss

The kit comes complete with everything needed to test your levels. It even includes free shipping to the lab. When the tests are done we will e-mail or send a report to you in the mail. If interested we can also send insurance codes so you can get reimbursement from your insurance company.( An additional charge may apply)

If you would like more information please e-mail us and we will forward a report and some additional information regarding this testing. We will offer complete testing of single hormones as well as comprehensive health profiles to test your risk of many diseases caused by hormone imbalance.

All information is private and will not be distributed to any other party.


* You will take the samples yourself and then mail them to the laboratory with the prepaid enclosed envelope. The laboratory will then mail you back your results.

** Customers in the state of California and New York must obtain a prescription from a healthcare provider in their state.  Also New York residents do not have access to any of our blood spot testing or our saliva Estrone or Estriol.

Elevated TPO indicates an auto-immune disease of the thyroid gland referred to as Hashimoto's or autoimmune thyroiditis.