Specimen Validity Strips

Specimen Validity Adulteration Test Strips (SVT) 6 Panel 25/Bottle

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Adulteration SVT / AD Test Strips #HUAD-164 (ADU-6T)

(25 tests per bottle)

ADU-6T are drug adulteration test strips used to determine if the urine sample has been intentionally manipulated, contaminated or diluted in order to pass a drug screen.

This kit comes with (25) 6-in-1 testing strips that screens urine specimens for the top 6 adulterants used to fool drug screens: Oxidants/Pyridinium (PCC), Creatine, Glutaraldehyde, Nitrite, pH Level, Specific Gravity

  • Detect dilution or “flushing” of the system
  • Protect against false negatives
  • Protect against sample altering
  • Detects oxidizing/bleaching agents


The validity of DAU screening depends on the integrity of the urine samples. Contaminated or adulterated samples may cause erroneous results leading to
significant consequences. Hence, it is important to ensure that the samples are intact and consistent with normal human urine.

The urine adulteration test strips are plastic strips affixed with seven reagent pads. The pads are chemically treated with specific reagents to provide visual comparison of these pads with the color chart on the container label after dipping the test strip into a urine sample, the following information can be obtained which may be useful in assessing the integrity of the urine sample:

    • Whether the sample is diluted or substituted with water or other liquids as indicated by the creatinine and specific gravity tests.
    • Whether the sample contains commercially available adulterants including nitrite3 “KLEAR”, glutaraldehyde4, bleach, pyridinium chlorochromate “Insta Clean
      ADD-IT-IVE”, “LUCKY LAB”, and other oxidizing agents “STEALTH”, “Urine Luck”.
    • Whether the sample is contaminated with common household items, such vinegar, Drano, Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach as indicated by the pH, Bleach and
      Pyridinium Chlorochromate tests.


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