Drug Testing Cup

NEW 21 Panel Drug Test Cup w/K2, Fentanyl, Alcohol & More!

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21 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup - Discover Plus

Drugs Tested For:

EDDP300 / FYL10 / KRA300 / MOP300 / TML100 / 6-MAM10 / AMP500 / BAR300 / BUP10 / BZO300 / COC150 / ETG500 / K2-50 / KET1000 / MDMA500 / MET500 / MTD300 / OXY100 / PCP25 / TCA1000 / THC50 - with Adulterants (CR/SG/PH)

Our new 21 Panel Drug Test Cup Discover Plus w/adulterants is self-contained tamper resistant and can test up to 23 drugs. Use our 21 panel drug test Discover Plus for your drug test needs whether its workplace, clinical, or probation, and have peace of mind because your results are 99% accurate. When you need easy, instant results, superior accuracy, at the best price choose Discover Plus 21 Panel Drug Test Cup.

Uncover the cutting-edge in rapid drug testing with the Discover Plus 21 Panel Cup. Engineered with Advanced Drug Screen (ADS) technology, this solution is your key to accurate, efficient, and comprehensive drug testing.


  • 99% accuracy, USA Made strips and reagents
  • Immediate Rapid Results: Read Negatives within 1 minute, positives in 5 minutes
  • 40+ Drug Test options
  • 24 Month Shelf Life from Date of manufacture
  • Results Remain Valid For Up To 1 Hour
  • Built in Celsius/ Fahrenheit Temp Strip
  • OEM & Private Label available
  • Call for volume discounts!
  • Advanced Drug Screen (ADS) Technology: Our cup leverages state-of-the-art ADS technology, offering precise results for 12 key substances, including AMP300, MET500, COC150, MDMA, BZO, BUP, THC, MOP, OXY, MTD, FET, and ETG.
  • Comprehensive 12-Panel Testing: Screen for an extensive range of substances, ensuring a thorough assessment of the sample in one easy-to-use cup.
  • Integrated Measurements: Beyond drug screening, our cup measures pH, specific gravity (SG), and creatinine (CREAT), providing additional insights into sample validity.
  • Fentanyl Detection: Benefit from the added advantage of testing for Fentanyl, a critical substance in the opioid crisis, ensuring a more comprehensive and informed screening process.
  • ETG (80 Hour Alcohol) Testing: Address alcohol consumption with confidence by testing for Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG) over an extended 80-hour window, offering a more accurate representation of recent alcohol intake.


  • Same Money & Quality Product
  • Superior Personal Service
  • Available after regular business hours
  • Free Online Training, Product Certification, Product Training Video
  • Free Lab LC-MS/MS set up, free overnight shipping, airbills, boxes, lab packs, specimen bags
  • Efficient Workflow: Save time and resources with the convenience of our 12-panel testing and integrated ADS technology, streamlining your drug testing procedures.
  • Holistic Sample Validation: Ensure the integrity of your samples with integrated pH, SG, and CREAT measurements, enhancing the overall reliability of your testing process.
  • Opioid Crisis Ready: Stay ahead in the fight against opioid abuse by incorporating Fentanyl testing, contributing to a safer and more informed screening environment.
  • Extended Alcohol Monitoring: Address alcohol-related concerns effectively with our ETG testing, providing a comprehensive view of recent alcohol consumption.
  • Elevate your drug testing practices with the Discover Plus 21 Panel Cup. Order now and experience the next level of accuracy and efficiency in point-of-care drug testing.

These are screening devices read positive or negative, qualitative, and although highly accurate, if you read a positive we recommend a certified lab for LC-MS/MS Confirmation

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