EV30 Evidential Alcohol Breathalyzer

Lifeloc EV30 Breath Alcohol Tester

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9.00 LBS

The Lifeloc EV30 Breath Alcohol Tester

The Lifeloc EV30 EBT is an economical entry-level breath alcohol tester designed for workplace alcohol testing. Known for its ease of use, the EV30 alcohol detector can be sold as a stand-alone unit or paired with a compact thermal printer providing sharp, high contrast imaging and up to 20 year image life when used with Lifelocs Thermalast paper. The image quality allows for easy faxing or scanning of test results.

A DOT approved breath alcohol device and listed on the Conforming Products List (CPL) as an evidential alcohol testing machine, the EV30 offers simple automatic operation, easy calibration, and Lifeloc Technologies patented digital fuel cell technology.

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