Fentanyl Drug Testing Strips

Fentanyl Single Dip (Box of 25)

6.50 LBS
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Fentanyl Single Dip Drug Test 

25 Pack - Drug Test Kit for Rapid, Accurate, and, Easy to Read Fentanyl Detection.

INCLUDES: A Package Insert, Desiccants, and 25 FEN Drug Test Strips with 10 ng/mL or 20 ng/mL Cut-off Level.

  • ONE STEP TESTING: The one step FEN Drugs Testing Kit is an immunoassay based on the principle of competitive binding. A drug which may be present in liquid competes against its respective drug conjugate for binding sites on its specific antibody.

  • USER-FRIENDLY FEN TEST KIT: Simply immerse the dipstick in the liquid for 15 seconds and read the results at 5 minutes. Do not read results after 10 Minutes. Do not let the solution touch the MAX line as this would cause an inconclusive result.

  • SPECIMENS: FEN Test Strips for Testing Drugs in Urine Sample or Pills/Powders in Liquid. For testing a Powder, add 1mL water to 50 mg substance and mix well. For testing a Pill, crush/scrape off 50 mg of the pill and add 1 mL water. Dip the strip for 15 seconds in the mixture/liquid that is to be tested.

  • HOW TO READ?: Positive: 1 Line in C Region | Negative: 2 Lines (1 in C Region & 1 in T Region) | Invalid: No Lines or 1 in T Region.

  • For forensic use only







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