EZ Detect Colon Cancer Test

EZ Detect Colon Disease Test

EZ Detect
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Colon Cancer Screening Test

EZ Detect™ is an FDA Cleared Colon Disease Test for the early warning signs of Colorectal Disease.

Its advantages as a screening test include:

  • No stool handling
  • No diet restrictions
  • Easy & fast

This FDA Cleared EZ Detect Colon Disease Test is designed to check for hidden blood possibly caused by colorectal diseases, even before symptoms appear. It is quick and easy to use by simply tossing the pad into the bowl to avoid the handling of stool. The test also eliminates the need to send samples to a lab and offers results in as little as two minutes.

The EZ Detect home test includes five pads, one positive control package, one result card and instruction booklet . This easy to use-throw in the bowl test has easy to read results. No dietary restrictions and no lab processing. Do the test at home, get your results within 2 minutes. Just 3 consecutive bowel movements to get an accurate result. Best of all, no stool handling or shipping required.

This is a screening test and should not be used to confirm the existence or absence of any disease condition. It is not a replacement for a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. If you have any symptoms that concern you, consult your physician - even if your test results are negative. This test is not designed as a test for upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Early detection is your best protection.

  • EZ Detect Colon Disease Test, At Home Kit, FDA Cleared, No Stool Handling, Results in 2 Minutes, No lab Processing, 1 Test (Contains 5 Pads)
  • Reliable and Accurate: This FDA cleared and trusted at home test kit is used by hospitals and physicians worldwide. An accurate test with a results card for the early detection of colorectal diseases including colorectal cancer. Check your colon health.
  • No Lab Processing: EZ Detect Colon Disease Test Kit contains 5 testing pads, a performance control package and instruction booklet. There are enough pads to test 3 consecutive bowel movements.

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