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45mL Flip-Top Urine Collection Cup - Box of 1,000

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45mL – Flip-Top Collection – Urine Cup

Contains a box of 1,000 cups!

Introducing the 45mL Flip-Top specimen cup, a reliable and convenient solution for all your sample collection needs. Crafted with air-tight and leak-resistant construction, this cup ensures that your valuable specimens remain secure and intact throughout the entire process.

The 45mL Flip-Top Collection Urine Cup is designed to meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and convenience. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a patient, this urine cup ensures that the sample collection process is as seamless and reliable as possible.

Features and Benefits

1. Optimal Capacity

The 45mL capacity is ideal for urine sample collection. It provides enough volume for thorough testing while being easy to handle and store. This size is perfect for a variety of tests, including routine urinalysis, drug testing, and pregnancy tests.

2. Flip-Top Design

The flip-top lid is a standout feature that enhances the usability of the cup. Here’s why it’s advantageous:

  • Ease of Use: The flip-top lid can be opened and closed with one hand, making the collection process simpler and more hygienic.

  • Leak-Proof Seal: Once closed, the flip-top lid forms a tight seal that prevents leaks and spills, ensuring that the sample remains uncontaminated.

  • Reduced Contamination Risk: The design minimizes the risk of contamination, which is crucial for obtaining accurate test results.

3. High-Quality Material

Made from high-grade plastic, the 45mL Flip-Top Collection Urine Cup is durable and reliable. The material is non-reactive, ensuring that it won’t interfere with the sample’s integrity or the test results. Additionally, the clear plastic allows for easy visualization of the sample.

4. User-Friendly Markings

The cup features clear, easy-to-read volume markings, which help in collecting the precise amount of urine required for testing. These markings are especially useful in clinical settings where accuracy is paramount.


The 45mL Flip-Top Collection Urine Cup is versatile and can be used in various medical and laboratory scenarios, including:

  • Hospitals and Clinics: For routine urine tests and screenings.
  • Laboratories: For detailed analysis and research purposes.
  • Occupational Health Centers: For drug and alcohol testing.
  • Home Use: For patients who need to provide samples for telemedicine consultations or routine check-ups.

Instructions for Use

  1. Preparation: Ensure your hands are clean before handling the cup. Open the flip-top lid carefully.
  2. Collection: Urinate directly into the cup, filling it to the required level as indicated by the markings.
  3. Sealing: Close the flip-top lid securely to prevent any leakage.
  4. Labeling: If necessary, label the cup with your details and the time of collection.
  5. Transport: Deliver the sample to the appropriate medical or laboratory facility as instructed.

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