Cotinine / Nicotine Test (25 Tests) CLIA Waived

Cotinine / Nicotine Test (25 Tests) CLIA Waived

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The Cotinine Test Device (Urine) is a rapid urine screening test that can be performed without the use of an instrument. The test utilizes a monoclonal antibody to selectively detect elevated levels of Cotinine (metabolized nicotine) in urine. The Cotinine Test Device (Urine) yields a positive result when the Cotinine in urine exceeds 200 ng/mL. 
  • Results in 3 Minutes
  • Detects cotinine and nicotine in urine specimen; detects tobacco use for up to 3 days
  • Cut-Off Concentration Of 200 ng/mL
  • 25 Dips Per Box
Materials Required But Not Included:
  • Specimen collection container
  • Timer

Nicotine, which is the main drug in tobacco products, is the number one used drug in the U.S. Many people do not consider nicotine to be a drug, however it is. Nicotine is highly addictive and has the properties of both a stimulant and a sedative. Nicotine, in the form of tobacco, is so widely used for one main reason, it is legal as long as you are 18 years of age or older. Tobacco is a leading cause of cancer and cardiovascular problems in the U.S.



Cotinine is the first-stage metabolite of nicotine, a toxic alkaloid that produces stimulation of the autonomic ganglia and central nervous system when in humans.  Nicotine is a drug to which virtually every member of a tobacco-smoking society is exposed whether through direct contact or second-hand inhalation.  In addition to tobacco, nicotine is also commercially available as the active ingredient in smoking replacement therapies such as nicotine gum, transdermal patches and nasal sprays.  In a 24-hour urine, approximately 5% of a nicotine dose is excreted as unchanged drug with 10% as cotinine and 35% as hydroxycotinine; the concentrations of other metabolites are believed to account for less than 5%.1  While cotinine is thought to be an inactive metabolite, it’s elimination profile is more stable than that of nicotine which is largely urine pH dependent.  As a result, cotinine is considered a good biological marker for determining nicotine use.  The plasma half-life of nicotine is approximately 60 minutes following inhalation or parenteral administration.Nicotine and cotinine are rapidly eliminated by the kidney; the window of detection for cotinine in urine at a cutoff level of 200 ng/mL is expected to be up to 2-3 days after nicotine use.

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