Alco Screen Saliva Tests

AlcoScreen .02 (DOT) Saliva Alcohol Tests - Quick 4 Minute On-Site Test for Alcohol

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AlcoScreen .02 Saliva Alcohol Tests

Contains 24 Tests/Box!

Estimates Alcohol Concentration

Because the proportion of alcohol in saliva is directly related to the proportion of alcohol in blood, the Alco-Screen® 02 can easily and quickly detect the presence of alcohol and estimate intoxication levels. The presence of alcohol in saliva causes the reagent pad to turn shades of green. Higher concentrations of alcohol create darker shades of green. The operator estimates intoxication levels by comparing the color change against color standards printed on the foil package at the 0.02%, 0.04%, 0.08%, and 0.30% BAC.

Ideal for Zero Tolerance Testing

The Alco-Screen® 02 is ideal for agencies with zero tolerance policies. Any green color on the reagent pad after two minutes indicates the presence of alcohol of at least 0.02% or greater. 0.02% BAC is about the intoxication from one drink and is typically the lowest cut-off level used to determine if a person has been drinking alcohol.

Detects Alcohol in Beverages

The Alco-Screen® 02 is one of the few devices that can detect the presence of alcohol in beverages. Because the Alco-Screen is calibrated to detect the very tiny amounts of alcohol present in saliva, the color standards on the test do not apply when testing beverages. The concentration of alcohol is extremely high in comparison to saliva. Dipping the strip into a beverage that contains alcohol causes the reagent pad to turn a very dark brown color.

Alco-Screen 02 Instructions

Alco-Screen® 02 is a one-step saliva screening test that is minimally invasive and provides results within 4 minutes. Simply wet the test pad with saliva; development of a distinct colored line on the test pad within 4 minutes indicates a blood alcohol concentration equal to or exceeding 0.02%

DOT Approved as Alcohol Screening Device

The Alco-Screen® 02 was one of the first devices to be approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as an Alcohol Screening Device. DOT approval means that the Alco-Screen reliably and accurately detects alcohol at the 0.02 concentration or higher and does not give false positive readings when no alcohol is present. DOT approval allows users to use the Alco-Screen® 02 for screening tests required by Dept. of Transportation regulations

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