UrinCheck ADT-7

UrinCheck ADT-7 Adulteration Test Strips for Specimen Validity

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UrinCheck ADT-7 Adulteration Test Strips for Specimen Validity

UrinCheck™ ADT-7 is a rapid test for the determination of diluted or adulterated urine specimens. Read results by comparing colors on the test strip’s reactive pads to the color chart on the bottle label. A central pre-screen for any drug-testing program, UrinCheck™ ADT-7 tests for:

UrinCheck ADT-7 adulteration test strip color chart image
  • Creatinine
  • Nitrite
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • pH
  • Specific gravity
  • Oxidants/Bleach
  • Pyridinium chlorochromate
Intended Use for UrinCheck ADT-7 Adulteration Test Strips
Primary function is to accompany a drug test. If you want to know if the individual taking the test has put anything into the urine or ingested anything to try and falsify the results, this will detect that.  It doesn’t necessarily say what has been added or ingested, but it detects certain levels in the urine such as pH and Specific Gravity that keep a relatively steady level within a person system, and usually only “outside” substances can make them range abnormally high or abnormally low.  So this test will allow individuals to check for these kind of substances on 7 different levels.
For Forensic Use Only
*Contains 25 strips per bottle

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